Privacy Policy

In short

  • I respect your privacy as a guiding moral principle.
  • I need to collect and to process certain data to provide you with the best product and services possible.
  • Whenever I can, I make your data anonymous or near-anonymous.
  • I use third-party services that collect data to present analytics reports and to contact you through the contact form on the website. I never sell your data to third parties.
  • I always try to employ the best security practices to keep your data safe.


This is what I mean when I make certain references within this policy.

“User”, “you”, refers to a private or corporate user or any other data subjects who register for use, or use my services and who may have submitted personally identifiable information to me. This information may have been submitted through the use of my services (including digital solutions), mobile applications, web sites, telephone, e-mail, or other similar channels.

“Personal data” refers to any information on private individuals and their personal characteristics or circumstances, which are identifiable to them or their family or household members. This information may include, but is not limited to, names, e-mail and mailing addresses, telephone numbers, billing and account information, and other information incidental to the services and their usage.

“Services” refer to any services or products that are produced or distributed by me, Mohammad Ashour, including software, applications, websites, and related support services, as part of my personal freelance brand only. Products and services that are part of my freelance work will be exempt from this privacy agreement, and will be subject to a separate agreement between you and I.

“”, “the website”, refers to the website, and its contents.

What do I collect and why?

I have a contact form on the website, which I use to collect personal data about you in order to contact you as a sales lead / client. You may choose to share personal data so that I can follow up with you in the future, perhaps on this contact form or other communication channels.

Personal data that you share with me via any channel is used to maintain contact with you in order to continue to collect feedback and to improve my services.

I aggregate non-personally identifiable, or anonymous, data about traffic, interaction and feedback so that I can offer better services in the future. This includes analytics data such as:

  • The URL or address you were on before you visited the website
  • What pages on the website you visit
  • What you click on while using the website
  • Your age and gender

All anonymous data is used by me to better understand which areas of my services are working well and which need improvement.

Your rights and retention

I will keep records of your personal data to follow up with you to better improve my services. Should you choose to do so, you may ask me to destroy any personal data I have retained. In case you ask to destroy the personal data I have retained, I will do so.


This version of the policy clarifies, updates, and replaces the previous policy. To continue keeping this policy up to date, I will make changes and additions to this from time to time also in the future. I will publish the changed privacy policy on the If the changes are significant, I may also notify you by other means, such as posting a notice on the website’s home page or sending an email. Any changes will apply starting from the date that I publish the revised privacy policy.

Contact information

If you have any questions or concerns about the matters discussed in this privacy policy, please contact:

Mohammad Ashour
Cairo, Egypt
Tel: +20 115 710 3937