Quick, inexpensive research that connects you to your potential users and gives you tangible data for your product's market fit.

Project Management

Efficient, lean, agile project manangment with a focus on the right quality for your product and rapid code to market. Evaluate, build, measure—and repeat.


Ideation & brand-aware design, with a strong focus on user-experience.

Web Design & Mobile App Design

I sketch out the apps in Sketch or Photoshop and you approve them. We then prototype with Invision or Flinto, and test with your users before spending on development.


Unit-tested code, written with best-practice design & delivered rapidly.


System high-level design & planning, working prototypes.

Mobile Development

React Native for parallel cross-platform delivery. Native Swift / iOS and Java / Android apps.

Front-end Web Development

HTML, Responsive CSS, LESS, SASS, JavaScript, ES2015+, React, VueJS, JavaScript front-end frameworks, Jekyll, Bootstrap, Wordpress.

Back-end Development

PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Ruby on Rails, Firebase.

Quality Assurance

Test, test, then test again. Automated and functional tests across devices and platforms.

Featured Project

A mockup of the Sakani website design

Sakani Design & Development

  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Full-stack Web Development